Heritage Seed Fund

Proposals are sought from Oxford researchers to develop new, and consolidate existing, research collaborations with the UK and/or international heritage sector.

The Heritage Seed Fund is a new internal grant scheme to support research, knowledge exchange and public engagement with research projects with UK and/or international heritage organisations. The objectives for this fund are to:

  1. Develop new, and consolidate existing, research collaborations with the heritage sector.
  2. Provide a ladder of engagement, enabling researchers to trial ideas and develop collaborative projects which may be continued after the end of initial seed funding.
  3. Support agenda-setting interdisciplinary critical debate and discussion of heritage.

There are two levels of funding available. The closing date for applications is 3rd May 2019, and funding must be spent by 31 July 2019. You may apply or enquire at any time, and it is not necessary to wait for a deadline.

  1. Workshops: Up to £1000 per application to support researchers who would like to develop a collaborative relationship with partner(s) in the UK and/or international heritage sector.
  2. Projects: Up to £3000 per application to enable researchers to develop and deliver projects. These projects can be stand alone, or used as proof-of-concept for larger-scale funding applications. 

There is an additional fund to support Conversations (up to £200 per application) which is available to enable researchers to travel for exploratory meetings with potential partners in the UK and/or international heritage sector. This fund can also support travel from external partners to Oxford. This is available through submission of a Case for Support form to: oliver.cox@humanities.ox.ac.uk.

The total amount of funding available to support projects is £15,000.

Guidance Notes, Eligibility and Assessment Criteria can be downloaded here.

Application opens:                   25 March 2019 (Trinity Term).

Application closes:                   03 May 2019 (Trinity Term).

Application Submission:           Online via IRAMS for Workshops and Project grants, via  email to oliver.cox@humanities.ox.ac.uk for Conversation grants.

Please download the following templates for your submissions

Case for support template (Conversations)

Case for support (Workshops and projects)


The Heritage Seed Fund is part of the University’s Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) award, and is supported by the TORCH Heritage Programme and Oxford University Heritage Network.

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