The British Napoleonic Bicentenary Trust: Promoting New Perspectives recap

Saint Helena is a small island in the South Atlantic Ocean that is famous for being the site of Napoleon’s exile. James Bramble, Executive Director of the British Napoleonic Bicentenary Trust, offered our 8th week virtual heritage conservation a variety of new perspectives on the heritage of the island. For example, the island is embedded in the history of slavery, including playing a key role in abolishing slavery, and many of today's residents have long established family connections with this complex history. The Trust has raised money to preserve heritage at risk on the island such as Toby’s cottage, likely inhabited by enslaved domestic servants. James illustrated the approach that the Trust is following to raise money and engage local residents fully in conserving and bringing to life the cultural heritage of St Helena, and the challenges faced. Our lively discussion ranged widely across the use of digital data to create virtual resources, and how to link St Helena's cultural heritage to global narratives.

For more information, visit their website British Napoleonic Bicentenary Trust.

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