People's Landscapes: Contested Landscapes

Fence Landscape

At the first event in the series, panellists will discuss the history of land access and ownership, exploring how this has both physically and politically shaped our land and our access to it.


Helen Antrobus, National Trust (Chair)

Dr Briony McDonagh, University of Hull

Dr Stephen Mileson, University of Oxford

Helen Wright, National Trust

About the series:

The National Trust cares for 248,000 hectares of open space across England, Wales and Northern Ireland; landscapes which hold the voices and heritage of millions of people and track the dramatic social changes that occurred across our nations' past. In the year when Manchester will remember the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo massacre, the National Trust’s 2019 People’s Landscapes programme will draw out the stories of the places where people joined to challenge the social order and where they demonstrated the power of a group of people standing together in a shared place. Throughout this year the National Trust is asking people to look again, to see beyond the green and pleasant land, and to find the radical histories that lie, often hidden, beneath their feet.

Joining this national conversation, the ‘People’s Landscapes: Beyond the Green & Pleasant Land’ events will bring together experts and commentators from a range of institutions, professions and academic disciplines to explore people’s engagement with and impact upon land and landscape in the past, present and future.

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